It’s precisely two weeks until our child comes into this world. I’ve explained all of the potential worries and concerns I have about my altered lifestyle in previous posts. However, there is one aspect of my life that I’m going to need to draw significant attention to: movement, sweating and physical strength. These are things that I’ve identified with for most of my life. Training is a meditation for me. Taking this away will be taking a part of who I am away.

“Help me help you.” That’s exactly what I said to myself when I looked in the mirror this morning. I was in essence speaking to my current self, pleading to satisfy my future self. Before you ask me if I put a little magic mushrooms in my coffee, let me explain. There needs to be strong intention behind how I am going to live me life as a new dad. Yes, it is going to be challenging, but I need a strong game plan, one that is flexible and one that will satisfy my need for movement and strength, EVEN WITH A BABY.

So how am I going to succeed where so many have failed before me? My initial plan is to make it easy, so easy that I will really struggle to screw it up.  Success in any chosen goal is a sensitive exercise in psychology. Set the bar too high for yourself, and you may fail your first task. Haven’t you ever committed to a new healthy eating protocol, only to accidentally get drunk and find yourself at McDonald’s? If you have, I hear you. If you haven’t, I don’t believe you. I am predicting that the experience of having my first child will highly enjoyable, albeit time consuming. I’m choosing to take it easy on myself for the first week, then build up slowly in tasty little bite sized increments like those McChicken nuggets that I found myself eating late on a Saturday night four days into my new healthy eating plan.

Tim Ferriss believes in “rigging the game so you can win it”. It’s an interesting concept, especially at a time where we are so hard on ourselves and have such high expectations. Tim uses the writing of his own book as an example. “The blank page is intimidating for a lot of people” he says. “I was told at one point, your goal should be two crappy pages per day”.  He is setting the bar deliberately low to avoid having to berate himself for not completing his perfect masterpiece.


This brings me back to me and the mirror, where I will tell myself to “help me help you”. In essence, I’m requesting a little help from future me to keep things simple and achievable until I get the hang of not being the centre of my own universe. If I’m too hard on myself and create unachievable goals in a world I don’t know, I may very well find myself with an unchanged nappy in one hand, a pack of half eaten chicken nuggets in the other, and the grease and special sauce of a Big Mac running down my chin. It’s hard to recover from something like that!

So here’s the deal. I’m going to complete 50 squats a day for the first week of fatherhood. That’s it! They can be completed in sets of 10, five, one, or whenever my child stops pooing and puking . It doesn’t matter. As long as the volume is there.

Just to reiterate:


·      50 x Body weight squats per day.

·      Rest as much as possible