It’s five weeks out from the due date and more questions are coming up for me.

I’ll get to them later. But for now, I thought it was pertinent to bring up time management issues that are coming to a head for me.

Which leads me to ask, do you like Seinfeld? Well, my father does and by default our family needed to, or else we needed to find another home. When I was between the ages of eight and 16, my father made me watch every episode with him, tape them on VCR (remember those) and pause the ad breaks for his future viewing pleasure. Now Chinese sweat shops were not as widely known about back then, but I think I may have a reasonable chance of getting some back pay for the years of service I committed to the great man Jerry and of course, my dear father.


There is a very specific episode that has been coming up for me lately. It’s the ‘Independent George’ episode. George feels like his worlds are colliding when his friend Elaine begins to hang out with his fiancé, and he fears that his independent life will cease to exist.  This has really been niggling at me lately. How long do I have until ‘Independent Pauly’ ceases to exist.? What do I do about this imminent collapse of my reality, as I know it?

Do I go out for dinner and drinks with my friends every night before the baby comes? I’ve floated this with my beautiful wife and she surprisingly didn’t appear as receptive to the idea as I first anticipated (pause for laugh). It occurred to me that one of the major things I am going to miss out on in the near future is quality one-on-one time with my wife. 

This further brings into focus the fact that time is going to be of the essence pretty much all the time during the first six months.  If I want to remain fit and healthy, I need to get creative when it comes to exercise. I have already begun devising a plan.  The main components are:

a)    Father Flow Home Blasts: At-home high intensity workouts that create a metabolic effect on your body with 7-10 minutes

b)   Father Flow Work Tremors: Every hour at work complete one simple yet highly effective fitness task

c)    Incidental exercise: Where possible, replace commuting by car with bike riding or walking


These three simple approaches will form the basis for maintaining both my body and my sanity.