Episode 77: Interview with Wade T. Lightheart

Episode 77: Interview with Wade T. Lightheart

Wade T. Lightheart, Host Of The Awesome Health Podcast, Is A 3-Time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, Advisor To The American Anti-Cancer Institute And Director Of Education At Bioptimizers Nutrition, One Of The World's Most Innovative Nutritional Supplement Companies. He Is Also The Author Of Several Books Including The Best-Selling Books, “Staying Alive In A Toxic World” And “The Wealthy Backpacker.” 

After Competing In Mr. Universe And His Health Failing Him Following A Competition Victory, Wade Began To Search For Answers. In The Process, He Learned So Much About What Makes Digestion Work, Along With Other Principles That Form What He Calls The Awesome Health System.

Notable Quotes And Discussion Points

  • "I never learned anything from winning, if I look back in life and if I think of the things that had the most positive impact on me were actually my losses and what we refer to as mistakes"
  • "The 5th leading cause of death is digestive related issues. 85% of the population has compromised indigestion"
  • "We would die without bacteria, they are an integral part. it's a symbiotic relationship"
  • "You've learned how to build the body from the outside in but not the inside out... You need to get your digestive system in order"






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Staying Alive in a Toxic World

My Wealthy Backpacker

Episode 76: Interview with Aleksandra Makedon

Episode 76: Interview with Aleksandra Makedon

Aleks Makedon, A Returning Guest To Our Podcast Show Talks About The Science Surrounding Self-Love. Struggling With Her Body Weight Over The Years, She Believes That One Should Practice What You Preach And Being A Living Example. Showing That Vulnerability Is The Best Inspiration You Can Really Have. She Also Believes That She Needs To Be The Best Version Of Herself In Order To Help Others The Best Way She Can. Science Was Able To Establish Key Correlations When It Comes To Self-Love. Self-Compassion Has Helped People To Achieve Health Goals In The General Health And Psychology They've Found That Building Yourself Up Instead Of Tearing Yourself Down Can Lead To A Better Health Decision.

Notable Quotes And Discussion Points

  • "Old habits die hard that's not true people have a choice to move forward in truth or to live in the egoic mind old habits"

  • "Self-love is a very powerful subject to talk about because a lot of people may not understand the real definition of love and giving that universal love"

  • "What you resist persist until you make that change in your life"

  • "A lot of people will just tell you what you want to hear but not the truth"

  • "Sometimes it hard to hear something about myself but if I want to move forward in life, I need to look at those habits what my ego has set up all of my life, an ego is a tool but not a boss"

Episode 66:  Interview with Jayson Bawden Smith

Episode 66: Interview with Jayson Bawden Smith

If you can't see it, it can still hurt you! Jayson Bawden Smith breaks down the many dangers of EMF radiation in mobile phones, TV and LED lights and what we can do to avoid these symptoms.

Episode 64:  Interview with Dylan Rubinstein

Episode 64: Interview with Dylan Rubinstein

Over worked?  Over stressed?  Feel like your youthful glow left you prematurely?  Dylan Rubenstein discusses how to bring a healthy attitude to your personal and working life.