Wim Hof – The Iceman – Your body is a pharmacy, if you choose to use it like one. Breathe work and cold exposure combat all.


Paul:  Hello guys and welcome back to yet another episode of my wellness wish list.  This is a particular special episode I have a personal hero of mine on as a guest today.  His name is Wim Hoff, I spent 7 days with him absorbing all that he has done with his life over the last 55 years via osmosis or as much of it as I could anyway.  One thing I’m sure that you’ll get out of this interview is the charisma that he embodies in every interview, being.  Another thing you’ll probably going to get is the unwavering determination that he has to share his message with the rest of the world, to change science and to change the way human imbalances gets treated and approaches to those human imbalances.  You maybe able to determine that Wim is not a massive van of the reductionist approach to treating illness or disease with pharmaceutical drugs, he has a lot to say about the pharmaceutical industry and the way the entire medical system is set up to profit that industry.  Here I am getting away with myself, I’ve completely forgotten about today’s wellness titbit, we’re going to use the man Wim Hoff himself as an example.  On my march 23rd 2013, 24 scientific study participants where injected with a dead strain of a particular bacteria that normally induces violent sickness for days on end this time however, none of the 12 people who were trained in the Wim Hoff method experienced any ailment, whatsoever.  It was a follow up on the first study on Wim’s, which showed his body was capable of remarkable features like suppressing his immune reaction, massive adrenaline renascent, 300% increase in metabolism.  So, I just wanted to know if he was just some super human or if he’s technique could be shared with the rest of the world.  As you will learn and discuss further in the interview the researchers were baffled, it suggests that everybody with sufficient training can actually modulate their immune response.  In this ground breaking study it’s been shown that Wim’s breating techniques huge fluctuations in the acidity degree causing chemical release of adrenaline more than people who bungy jump for the first time these stress stress hormones repress the normal immune response.  The study could have so important implications for the treatment of the variety of conditions associated with excessive or persistent inflammation especially auto immune diseases.  What Wim has been fighting for the last 25 years of his life is something that could change the scientific and medical books for the future.  This interview is an illustration and a portrayal of a man that has an unwavering belief within himself within himself that he needed to share with the world.  I can’t wait to share this interview with you guys because he’s a man that lives his truth and lives with complete and utter conviction.  Please enjoy this interview and I shall see you at the end.  Wim, how are you, man?  

Wim:  Good 

Paul:  Thanks for taking some time for having a chat with me 

Wim:  Oh yes anytime, that’s work

Paul:  We’re all doing good work but you’re doing some pretty incredible things

Wim:  And together we are better, so let’s get on with it

Paul:  Ride on, I’ve been in a workshop with you for the last 6 days and there’s been some pretty powerful shifts happening all around me, the thing that really took my attention was your style of teaching your method, was so used to being reading a text book and saying, you do it like this and this, and this but yours is just like, just do it.  

Wim:  Yes. Just do it, just do what’s has not been done until now and there we go, we are into a paradigm shift.  We are showing scientifically that the autonomic nervous system can be influenced and without the endocrine systems and the immune systems thus, bring back a control either by measurements, ciphers and numbers that we are able to tap in to our physiology in the depth making us able to control happiness, strength and health.  That’s the paradigm shift is all about, it’s even in the textbooks but when I’m relating on it in a week like this it’s not by a <scotch you> there is no program, I don’t know.  I want to go past my own even now I have my own blockages and fears but I go past, I have no fear and at the end of the week not only you but me also, I’ve learned, I progressed.  

Paul:  You know, other people will teach you how to do breaths x amount of times and I feel like you’ve really empowered everybody, every participant at this workshop to then understand to trust their own internal technology and to say, this is when I’m reaching the apex of my physiology but this is when I am reaching it not when anyone else is reaching it, everything is individual.  

Wim:  Yes.  Exactly, once again we have showed this scientifically and 250 years of scientific data written down making the establishment of the scientific world etcetera and never been able to show that the autonomic nervous system can be influenced and right now we did, that’s going in into the apex and a left and right young or old anybody can do it and anybody has a ride has the ability to go to the depth of its physiology.  So, that’s what we do and how do we do it, just do it and bring on back to belief that it is not possible.  What you do there bringing back to belief and or the understanding, realization that you are capable of controlling the brain and even the DNA, we all proved it, then we get some paradigm shifting going on 

Paul:  Cool.  Wim can you tell us a little bit about when you started exploring these methods, how did you use your body for self experimentation.  What was the first time you ever thought to yourself?  Are they going to try this thing? 

Wim:  Yes.  I was just into life like everybody like there’s more between heaven and earth and what is this about?  Everybody has this belief system, you know, career, goal and school system, any system in general and I just did not fit in and I’m a soul searcher, just go, you know, I don’t know but I do know, I do not want but I have gotten to know of this society.  So, I began with the soul search, deeper looking, different and it brought me to encounter all kinds of cultures and traditions, languages, disciplines, religions, philosophies, dogmas etcetera and they all did not brought me that sense of there is more but the cold water did at a certain point.  I met cold water and it brought me direct sends of deeper physiology inside past my way of thinking.  

Paul:  Maybe you were referring as cold water as your God 

Wim:  Yes it is, it is merciless but righteous. And the cold, yes you can’t think while you are in the cold, you know what I mean now.  There you got to find out ways to neutralize the impact and that brings you into the deeper part of our or it brings you consciously in the apex, as you call it.  The apex the depth of our physiology and it opposite up, the cold once again is merciless but it awakens this deeper physiology if we just do it go past the fears and find out and so you only will see it is there, wow! It’s amazing!

Paul:  I tell you right now from a person who’s experienced these techniques over the last 6 days.  It’s quite mind blowing quite literally and another major part of what has just fascinated me about your world is your ability to be able to even bypass techniques now because you’re so conditioned to them and to be able to just, with the power of your mind, create a biological change in your body like that.

Wim:  Yes and a quote that alter university.  We are able to increase metabolic activity in the blood just by thinking with 300% it’s like you’re running

Paul:  It’s amazing

Wim:  That’s our mind.  Our mind is amazing.

Paul:  Yes

Wim:  We learn to control it and you know, just take charge use it for yours, to become happy strong and healthy 

Paul:  Can you tap in to a little bit of what your internal experience is when your actually going through the process of, for example of heating up your kidneys when you’re in an ice bath for 2 hours because they’re the first thing that are going to fail you and you’re like, ok cool it’s time to turn up the heat on the kidneys, how did this process work for you internally.

Wim:  Yes, you know thoughts are actually chemically neuron transmitters.  So, what do I do in a tank full of ice with 6 – 700 kilos of ice around, which is pressurizing, you can’t really do anything, you know.  You can only learn to use your thoughts, to direct your thoughts the neuron transmitters to the specific location, which is in this case the kidneys and with this neuron transmitters you send energy, you ignite energy and it happens it becomes warm like difference of within a minute of 10 degrees.

Paul:  You’ve actually heated your body up?

Wim:  Yes

Paul:  In ice

Wim:  Yes

Paul:  As <inaudible> do as cooling down

Wim:  Yes I did more stuff like that showing like a doctor was measuring me in experiment or rack it, a rack of this case guided by a doctor with all the equipment, you know, temperature build and electrodes and they have me measured and then he saw that my core body temperature was down to 32 degree celsius and there is no way that you are able to get that up, it goes spirally downward into coma, loss of senses, functionality you get into coma afterwards because the blood is getting too cold.  

Paul:  Yes

Wim: But I rose the temperature consciously, deliberately to 36.7 while being in the ice.

Paul:  What was your mind like at that 32 degrees?

Wim:  That it is, it is as simple as I say.  

Paul:  Where you still shocked?

Wim:  Just do it.  Yes I was I took no guess while I was in there it’s incredible, which you can endure by the way.  So I look my body to conditioning within these extremes.  We are all able to do that but then to get in into extreme condition like that and then still have the mind control over the body that’s even more interesting and yes we can, we can learn to control even in the extreme conditions by the mind our body, that means if we are sick, which is an extreme condition, if we are depressed, that’s an extreme condition, we are able to readjust by using the mind just do not want that extreme condition.  Do not want to be sick, do not want to be depressed and make it change, can we do that?  Yes.  

Paul:  Just like the you drew anything

Wim:  Hey!  There you go!  Now, you see why I wanted the nature because this was not in the books and everybody is depressed and victimized and everybody is with diseases, they cannot do anything but taking pills, medicines and treatments.  They don’t know how to treat it by their thought power, they don’t know and now that’s what I show people, hey you are able to do this within 2 days, 3 days.

Paul:  Absolutely

Wim:  That’s where we are and that’s the knowledge we pass on to the people

Paul:  100%

Wim:  So, nobody wants to be depressed wants to have a disease but we don’t know how to turn it around.  We say right now, there is a way to turn it around, use consciously your thought power and your breathing, mind to your breathing because simple physiological functionality of bringing oxygen in the tissue, which erases the PH level.  If the PH level is erased, then the neuron transmitter of the thoughts is able to go swift into the body.  They make connections, it’s the way nature builds it to be but first we need to go back to the way nature build us to be with a nice PH level.  Do that consciously and your though power is able to change about anything even under extreme conditions as we are explaining.  I learned that by climbing without gear of vertical rocks like free zoning.  You have no, just a couple of centimetres, no ropes.  I find myself at 38 meters and a cramp starting up in my calf and there is no way I can, you know, like move from the rock because I’ll fall.  It has to remain over there the cramp is also over there, so at that moment, with that eminent danger going on, you’re really full of adrenaline at that moment, once again, extreme condition.  I was able to think the cramp away.  That’s when I realize, afterwards I climb up the rest but that was the most impressive moment of any of this climbs. I learn to consciously use the thought power in even extreme conditions, that it is possible in extreme conditions.  Once again disease, depression and all that is also extreme conditions.  We walk with them in society and on the road and etcetera but we are actually in extreme conditions there but when you go to nature in your mirror, you see that in nature and the forces are merciless but righteous like height, the danger or cold or heat, you know, very merciless but righteous, they show that our capability of our mind and our body really suppress, surpasses anything we thought possible with the mind and with the body.  And now, the scientist they told me like in the office, bake office, the professors, they told me hey if that what is you say is true and imagine you see all these books and then she was showing all these leather covered books, beautiful books with golden letters and all that you know, all these encyclopaedia, I say we got to change all these books, and now they got to change all the books because it was not in there.  It was in nature, it is in us and we are awakening that power for everybody because everybody has the right and also the ability to become happy, strong and healthy but nobody knows how to guarantee that and now we show, hey man your thought power, your will, your belief is really capable of even in extreme conditions to regain control over your mood, health and energy. 

Paul:  The physiology that you’re changing is revolutionary, there’s no doubt in that.  You’re deeply interested in spiritual side and it’s something that is apparent from being around you for the last few days.  Do you want to kind of express a little bit about the exploration that you’ve gone down in that spiritual time.  

Wim:  You know, looking to spiritual disciplines Sufism, Buddhism, yoga tradition and also kung fu is also spiritual side or karate the real one, all this disciplines are mystical disciplines, it’s all about spirituality and I worked here also with professors who are into the anthropology of ecstasy, deep trance with tribes, they compare what I do also with that.  So, it really goes deep, this sense of spirituality is just a part of us in just a little bit deeper sense than we act during the day because during the day we need to earn money for bread in the family you don’t go resting.  So, spirituality is a son of sometimes stand still and you are in charge to realize your dream and that liberty, that power, that capacity that you are the master of yourself in the moment just being and looking at you energy and you can do anything limitless, this limitless mind of being state of mind, that’s spirituality and it took me years and years and years, I learned Sanskrit, I learned Japanese I learned all this other languages and go around with this philosophies, writing about it and do all this practices and disciplines but now finally it’s coming to a sense of just being without limit and I’m able to do about anything.  I won’t be conditioned, I wont be incarcerated by whatever, whoever it’s same work because it changes your neurology and you are carrying the burden of society of the system and the system is not paying attention only to it’s own impersonality and the guarantee for happiness, strength and health is not there.  So, in the end spirituality is in control of the mind, learning how to let go consciously and makes you able to guide your family, your friends and everybody to the state of where you always have the power to do whatever nature is deciding to do in you, like going beyond.

Paul:  I guess that’s spiritual awareness has solidified your connection with your body and with nature and that’s something that you’ve been teaching us over the last few days.  Well, I’ve seen miraculous results with some people who have suffered or already even now with some pretty profound inflammatory conditions and now even making reverses in the last few days.

Wim:  Yes.  Pretty Prettyca, this week was her last hope and she really talked with her family about it.  Listen, whatever, money, etcetera, I have it all, education, I have it all, I have the love of the family but I’m depressed in a way I cannot get out of it that makes the quality of my life gone and adjust.  I have revised it all and really conscious on all what’s happening but I’m deciding this after time after time, at my life, look at her now 

Paul:  She’s beautiful

Wim:  After 5 days, 6 days, the 6th day she is fully in control, she’s back on

Paul:  Sure is 

Wim:  She wanted yesterday spiritual, you know, talk about spirituality but it’s no longer needed she already fulfilled her own and so from the end it’s inside.  What is that?  As simple as it is and that’s what we do we bring back again the belief.  The belief that moreover that being fantastic already, I just get back to nature, whatever it is going past the words, it is and that’s ours.

Paul:  For all the amazing physiological and fitness feats that you’ve been able inspire professional athletes and things like this I think ultimately the core offering that you give is being able to bring people back to who they are and to be able to train someone with such crippling depression but not you change them, them change themselves back to what they are.

Wim:  Exactly and now we bring it and alter to rigid styles and data

Paul:  Yes

Wim:  That people with PDSD, trauma, depression, fear, psychosis and also inflammation aim lots of people who are suffering and they are kept in this circle of taking medicines because of symptomatic suppression, suppressives like medicines and pills and not dealing with the core

Paul:  And ultimately your technique is addressing inflammation as a whole and all of these conditions are as a response of inflammation

Wim:  Inflammation is a deregulation of the systems, so you bring them back the system in balance and you become aware of that, you stay it with that.  

Paul:  As easy as that?

Wim:  As easy as it is, Yes.  

Paul:  What’s next for the Wim Hof?

Wim:  Next week red bull, half a billion view, that’s good because I bring on the message.  

Paul:  Beautiful.  And just to round up, I know what we’re going for a big walk now and a swim in the ocean probably about 10 degrees and then go back into a 10 minute ice bath but I want you to like cast your mind 10 years ahead from now and I want you to understand and where do you see where this is going?  

Wim:  And that’s where we started this conversation?  Even though you were not recording it was about paradigm shift

Paul:  Correct

Wim:  So, it’s about a paradigm shift and a paradigm shift is done, everything changes and the paradigm shift in this case will bring about the awareness that we are able to consciously to maintain the balance within all the systems up to the depth of our being the apex of our being.  That will bring about love like composed by strength, health and happiness and in 10 years every mother done is really able to guarantee happiness, strength and health as the most valuable assets for life for children and that brings peace in the world instead of craving for all kinds of power things and more cars and more houses, they know that happiness, strength and health is the most important, there we’ll go for.

Paul:  Beautiful.  Thank You so much wim I appreciate your time

Wim:  Ride on.  

Paul:  Thanks Man. Nice!

Wim:  Great

Paul:  There you guys Wim Hof a fellow who lives his truth and makes no compensations or apologies for it.  I thought I’d give you guys a little bit of an insight into my yoga challenge for the month things have been going pretty well I missed the day on the weekend, so it happens.  The challenge is not to be hard on myself when I miss the day in these challenges.  I encourage you all to do the same if we’re hard on ourselves we’re going to create stress in our body, it’s going to increase the levels of acidity in our systems and then the objective of what we’re trying to achieve will backfire completely on us.  So, what’s the point?  One thing I will say is if I am struck the time or if my energy levels aren’t quite feeling an intensive flow of inyasa, ishtanga flow on my head doing one handed balancing acrobats I’ll simply do a few sun salutes for the morning and that will suffice for my other practice for the day.  It is made a tremendous difference in just knowing I’m going to turn up to that map everyday.  So, let me know how you, yourselves are going with your yoga challenges.  I myself as an impromptu had decided to partake in a colon cleanse where I am eating nothing but a concoction put together by none other than Tyler Tolmenen the detox prince whom I interviewed on the show in the past.  He’s put together this package that I’ve done before it consists of organic silium, organic buck weath, organic chio seeds bentonite clay and salt.  It can only be described as salty saw dust.  If you add a touch of honey it does have a certain sweetness that I am holding on to every few hours it just keeps me going, hmmm.  Blandness of the product aside I must say that it’s incredible how clear my mind is right now, I’m not sure if that’s the desired objective but I have this lightness to myself and I also have just a clarity.  So, it’s pretty cool so I put a link to the stuff that I’m using down into the show notes and you guys feel free to give it a will.  Just to give you guys a heads up upon attending the lavatory for the first time some pretty gnarly stuff my end up in that toilet bowl but better in your toilet boil than in your colon I’d say.  As you guys will know I’m a fan of letting you guys know about the ratings and the review about this podcast it helps spread the positive words of creating a high vibrational message to this world, which if you you’re listening to the show you’re already picking up what I’m putting down.  So, let’s put the word out there, tell your friends, tell your family, and please write a review my wellness wishlist all you need to do is jump on itunes, click subscribe if you already haven’t click through to ratings and reviews.  Thank You so much guys I shall see you next week.