Over worked? Over stressed? Feel like your youthful glow left you prematurely? Dylan Rubenstein discusses how to bring a healthy attitude to your personal and working life

Dylan has set about changing the way health content is delivered to people living in the real world. He has made it his mission to provide information in a way that is relatable and effective, considering the all encompassing careers, limited timeframe and budget people of todays world are confined by. This is why The Health Goal was created.

Dylan has been an exercise and lifestyle coach for the last seven years and his passion has seen his attention drawn towards courses on movement, mobility, lifestyle modification, health and mindset coaching. Having excelled over the years in areas including strength and conditioning, Olympic lifting, movement training and gymnastics strength, Dylan takes a holistic approach to his clients to free them from pain, improve their movement and evolve their level of health beyond expectation.

A law graduate with experience in the business world, Dylan has taken his ability to synthesise complex and varied information and applied it to all he has learned in the health and fitness industry.

Podcast Highlights

0:00 - Introduction

5:29 - Dylan's Hurdles in the Well Being World

11:16 - Helping People

16:00 - Wellness whilst Corporate Space

19:15 - Workshop

24:28 - Course Breakdown

26:45 - Effective Breathing

28:44 - Importance of Introspective Monologue with Yourself

33:31 - Meditation

35:46 - Effect of Food in Peoples Biology

41:10 - Happiness 

41:50 - Movement

44:28 - Outro



Show Notes

The Element by Ken Robinson


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