Ash started out as a game designer who had a message to convey to the world. However along the way he felt that he has more to give to the world and so he began his journey as a life coach where he has helped a lot of people realize their true worth by showing them the right map to look at. Know more about this very interesting and very informational conversation, listen to the entire show.

Notable Quotes And Discussion Points:

• The responsibility is up to people to choose what media they experience; for kids parent's need to take responsibility for what their kids are engaging with

• If you know your kid is going to access a violent game and you told them, no but you believe they're going to do it anyway, sit with them and have a discussion about it. Experience it with them and put it ina context when they can appreciate the consequences of it

• We have an internal map and based on the map, which is our beliefs about the world, we make choices and if our map is an accurate and resourceful one then we make good choices and we get the outcome we anticipate but if its a map that needs to be updated when we don't get the results that we're looking for.

• When we have our values, goal and beliefs to check everything else is much easier

• When we grew up we were super malleable we didn't have any beliefs we have a lot of freedom we could pretty much do anything within our physical capacity and the overtime society and our parents shaped us into what we needed to be for them to be socially acceptable and they also pass down their fears and their expectations and we still live with them today unless we consciously choose to change them.

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