Aleks Makedon, A Returning Guest To Our Podcast Show Discusses- The Science Surrounding Self-Love, Struggling With Her Body Weight Over The Years, Her Belief That One Should Practice What You Preach & Being A Living Example, That Vulnerability Is The Best Inspiration You Can Really Have, Her Belief That We Should Be The Best Version Of Ourselves. In Order To Help Others The Best Way, Science Was Able To Establish Key Correlations When It Comes To Self-Love, Self-Compassion Has Helped People To Achieve Health Goals,  General Health Data  Found That Building Yourself Up, Instead Of Tearing Yourself Down Can Lead To A Better Health Decisions.

Notable Quotes And Discussion Points

  • "Old habits die hard that's not true people have a choice to move forward in truth or to live in the egoic mind old habits"

  • "Self-love is a very powerful subject to talk about because a lot of people may not understand the real definition of love and giving that universal love"

  • "What you resist persist until you make that change in your life"

  • "A lot of people will just tell you what you want to hear but not the truth"

  • "Sometimes it hard to hear something about myself but if I want to move forward in life, I need to look at those habits what my ego has set up all of my life, an ego is a tool but not a boss"

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