Tom Ahern is a free-spirited fitness enthusiast who loves to travel and just talk about anything under the sun. He currently owns and runs a podcast called ADVENTUREFIT RADIO and is launching a new one which will be called Mind Mates. His new podcast aims to support people who are going through rough times but is hesitant to come out and talk about it. Listen to my interview with one of my best mates whom I just recently met but made a huge impact on how I view life.

Notable Quotes And Discussion Points

  • "Being honest makes you stronger, it makes you feel better"
  • "Working with someone in any facets of life the communication aspect is so important"
  • "We shouldn't see concrete and smoke and pollution all the time"
  • "And when you make a decision or you start doing something that's like completely 100% authentic with who you are as a spirit... it's completely effortless"


The Mind Mate Website

The Mind Mate Facebook Page

Adventure Fit Radio

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